Friday, April 14, 2017

Some days you know you're going to get bruised, and then your chassis maker will get bruised.... as soon as you can walk again


  1. Back about 1980 or 81, I went over to his place in Seffner to pick up a flattie from him and he was all excited, telling me as soon as we got it loaded, he was headed up to Ocala to sign on property where he would build a Museum of Drag Racing. I toured me through the building where he had all kinds of stuff and cars stored. One thnig he showed me was a small glass case with all the pieces of the clutch plate, shrpnel, etc, and the shoe he wore when he got half his foot blown off. He then stepped on his one sneaker with his other heel to show how much foot was left. If you ever get to Ocala, be sure and stop by. It is a first class museum. He also has a 1950 VW Beetle in there that I believe is one I once owned.

  2. And of course everybody know that this picture is from a diorama!

    1. So far, you were the only one to know that... remarkable! That is extremely well done! I had no idea!