Thursday, April 13, 2017

What amazing things people have made, like this scooter in 1957

John Eads enlisted in the Army Air Corps on Dec. 5, 1942, at the age of 18 with plans to be a mechanic. But after his enlistment, he was sent to a gunnery school and was assigned as a waist gunner with the 97th Bomber Group, 342nd Squadron of the 15th Air Force in Italy.

John Eads in 93 and 3/4 years old now and after WW2 duty, he got back to civilian life as a Cushman dealer.

John Eads, started Eads Scooter Shop, in 1945, and was in business until 1963. He sold Cushman Scooters and Whizzer motorized bikes.

He made this little BAMF from this and that, and raced it. It does 90mph and 14.96 seconds in the 1/4 mile, has a 2 speed rear end, burns alcohol, and the fuel is pressurized by the hot water bottle seat John sits on while riding. It weighs 136 pounds,

Don't mess with old people, they have survived some seriously crazy youthful exploits.

He was even in Hot Rod magazine with the scooter in Dec 1958, well, in the letters to the editor (I happen to have all the Hot Rod issues back to 1951) :

And was just featured in the winter 2016 issue of Traditional Rods and Kustoms Illustrated

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