Friday, September 02, 2016

Mike pulled his very first Corvette out of a muddy swamp nearly 40 years ago, and he still has that '62, plus a lot of other weird stories of finding Vettes, like this 61

Laurel had her late mom Marilyn’s old Corvette, a car that hadn’t moved since it was parked 48 years ago, tucked away before she went to high school (wise choice). She now wanted the Corvette to go to someone who could care for it, get it back on the road and just do the right thing.

Laurel told Mike that her parents were the second owners of the car, as they bought it used in the fall of 1962. It was a weekend toy and cruiser for them, and used sparingly. When their marriage fizzled, Laurel's mom won the car in the divorce, and locked it away.

 Less than 36k miles, and the only changes under the hood were heater hoses.

The original owner's info was in the glovebox on a reciept, and he's still alive. A year after getting out of the Marines in '59, he bought this fuelie vette, with 4.11 gears, put on straight pipes, and Atlas Bucrons, swapped the stock rims for some Magnesium rims by American Racing.

He still had the original plates, manual, etc in a folder, ever since he sold it in 1962

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