Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Left in the shed for 32 years, after only 5 years of gentle use, and this unrestored beaut is incredible, it was bought by the original sales dealership 40 years after they sold it.

In July 1952 Jens J. Juul sold “Skippy” to Bob’s Auto Mart, a car dealer in Brainerd, Minnesota.

 Don Sheldon purchased “Skippy” from Bob’s Auto Mart on August 30th, 1952 and towed the boat down to Lake Miltona, MN. An “On Land” boat house was built for “Skippy” with small railroad tracks running into the lake and the Sheldon’s used the boat until 1957 and then left it in the boat house for 32 years.

In 1989,  Tom Juul discovered “Skippy” in the same boat house on Lake Miltona. A few years after Don Sheldon passed away and Tom Juul finally convinced the Sheldon Family to sell “Skippy” back to the Juul Family in 1992.

After being out of the water since 1957 some basic service was done, such as cleaning out the fuel tank and carburetor, etc. and some minor stain and varnish , but nothing to change original Chris-Craft script on the hull sides.

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