Friday, September 02, 2016

Compliment of the day

I stumbled upon this blog one day while checking links at another blog. I enjoyed what I was scrolling through, and thought Id stay for a while.

 I now contribute crap occasionally and leave comments too because I feel I'm amongst friends. Cars are part of it.

 Engines play a big part too, but I like to think there's a bit of "Secret Men's Business" going on here. I'm just a car guy too. Blue collar working man who finds distraction in mechanics and rust, but my interests go a lot further.

It is the only blog I have bookmarked, and listed as a favorite. I check in every day when I park myself in front of this computer and take 5.



  1. Secret Men's Business blog....very nice.

    1. Lol... I got such a kick out of that phrase I'll let that be the blog title today

    2. How pissed are hens going to be to see that a website even HAS that name, regardless of the content?