Saturday, September 03, 2016

Anti Knock, Ethyl, or Victory

mid/late 1930s. Beacon Oil Company was located in Hanford, California and was an offshoot of Caminol Oil. The company received its supply of crude oil from the Kettleman Hills Oil Fields in Western Kings County.

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  1. My father purchased a small country store in 1967 in rural western Washington state that had a couple of Chevron (Standard Oil of California) gas pumps that were priced at the time at 36.9 cents a gallon for regular and 42.9 cents per gallon of premium. We owned that operation until 1972 and the lowest I ever remember selling our gas for was 6 or 7 cents less per gallon although I can remember sub 25 cent gas during one of the gas wars that occasionally occurred at that time. All things considered and the prices in your picture would be relatively expensive as the yearly wage earned by Americans was significantly less at that time than what it was in the late 1960's & early 1970's. Sometimes the good ol days were anything but...