Thursday, September 01, 2016

Instead of answering the question (ATFQ) of "so what is your budget for a new or used car" she replied with

here is a wish list:
1. NO Buy Back Lemon Law
2. previous rental ok
3. probably a jeep patriot since it's the least expensive
4. or i really like nissan rogue
5. small suv but has room
6. don't know anything about scion suv's but open
7. low mileage
8. color really doesn't matter if it has all the requirements
9. i would LOVE a blue tooth phone/back up camera/gps, i realize that might be asking to find a needle in a hay stack
10. automatic
11. electric windows (seriously why do they still make roll downs)
12. i'm going to want to trade my vehicle in (pretty sure, 2003 dodge caravan over100k mi)
13. sunroof, doesn't matter either
14. ac has to blast (oh, that's something i noticed, the jeep patriot doesn't have vents in the back for passengers? i find that weird)
15. oh - price $$ the least the better becuz i'll have to finance so under 15k would be awesome. more like 10-12tops (hope that's not being unrealistic but, hey...)

i think that's it for now unless you can think of something i might have missed.
really appreciate your help.
keep me on the list.

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