Tuesday, August 30, 2016

barn find bull on blocks since 1988 until 2015. 1967 P400 still in the family, but finally out of storage


the reall background story is at

but in a nutshell "The family bought the car in 1970 from its second owner in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn in Wisconsin. The first owner was actually General Motors, who purchased it new in '67 and reverse-engineered the drivetrain. When the bill of sale (for $5,500) was passed onto the Neilsen's, the Miura had under 900 miles on the odometer. Today, it's got 18,000 and change." 

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  1. This car was featured on Chasing Classic Cars a few years back.... Wayne couldn't pry it out if the owners fingers at the time. They opened up the garage to look it over, then closed er back up...