Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The 5 decade long hope for a 710 interstate through Pasadena is over.

In the 1950s and '60s, Caltrans began buying up houses and plots of land for what was expected to be the path of the 710 Freeway extension. But in the decades that followed, the 6.2-mile project was stalled by lobbying, lawsuits and legislation.

They bought 460. Now, they are going to get sold... you can bet the rich people that killed off the 710 are going to buy them up and profit from the entire debacle. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the same people that buy up those properties, are the same people that opposed the 710 all these decades

With a new surface freeway route ruled out, Caltrans is still considering other projects for the area: a dedicated busway, a light-rail line, traffic management systems or a 6.3-mile freeway tunnel with or without trucks, according to the agency.

Under orders by both the governor and the state Legislature, and after a years-long push by both cities and tenants, Caltrans is preparing to sell the first 42 homes that were along the surface route of the proposed 710 Freeway extension in about one month.

After years of challenges, rewrites and delays, Caltrans on July 26 approved a final, state-required environmental report on the sale of surplus properties along what would’ve been the buildout of a surface freeway route from Valley Boulevard in Alhambra to the 210 Freeway in west Pasadena.

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