Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What connects R. E. Olds, Reo Flying Cloud model car, Pullman, and Al Capone? A boat.

In 1926 Glen Robinson, owner of Roberson Marine located in Michigan, noticed how the wealthy were spending money through the roaring 20's, and proceeded to build a motorboat that would combine the elegance of a yacht with the sleekness and speed of a runabout.

The first Seagull was produced for major auto manufacturer Ransom E. Olds in 1928. The boat was named “Flying Cloud” and was used by the Olds family for two years before it was sold to the infamous “Scarface” himself, Al Capone in 1930. Capone used the boat for recreation in Florida, where he once owned a mansion near Miami.

The sleek lines of the hull and the black leather-covered hardtop cabin roof give the look of a limousine. The spacious cabin boasts of Pullman berths, galley, ice box, clothes lockers, separate toilet room with fold –down lavatory. The boat was built to carry up to twenty passengers in comfort and style.

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