Tuesday, August 30, 2016

unrestored one-owner 10,945-mile matching-numbers Hemi Cuda 4-speed was just at auction... just how few original owners still are holding onto their hemi cudas?

Renowned Mopar and Hemi expert, Roger Gibson noted that this 1970 Hemi Cuda is one of the best unrestored examples in the world.

There are two factory broadcast sheets, original title, original fender tag, factory warranty book and owner’s manual.



  1. Yeah thanks a lot! Now I got drool all down the front of my shirt.

    1. Then your buddies lost the bet. They bet me I couldn't make you drool! Now, how can I collect all that free beer from them? But have you even looked back in the archives for low mile original owner cars that go to auction? One Barracuda was used for a season of drag racing and had less than a hundred miles on it before the old guy died. No lie. His widow eventually sold it, decades later. It shows up to auction as the lowest known hemi cuda on the planet

  2. People love to bitch about hoarders. I think their an under rated asset.
    Thank god for those who feel a need to hang onto and save stuff. If it wasn't for them, so many goodies would have dried up years ago. As with the Ford and the Barracuda, they will out live their captors and re-appear when you least expect it, and keep our dreams alive.

  3. You may as well save your breath trying to get my buddies to cough up on the cold ones. However, theres always at least one on hand if ever you want to stop by...and a shed full of stories about the one's that got away.