Monday, August 29, 2016

The warbirds that used unusual or special symbols to represent bombing missions

The Witch  (witches)

Three Feathers  (feathers)

Hells Bells  (bells)

Set Em Up  (Beer mugs)

Little Lulu  (lollipops)

Sultan  (Women)

Pistol Packin Mama  (pistols)

the Great Artist  (fat man) - all the B 29s that participated in the nuke bombings of Japan displayed "fat men" symbols, whether they did recon photos, observation missions, etc

one of the best, Thumper has a small version of the big nose art character, but each mission has the name of the target on the small bomb, and a Japanese flag for shooting down a fighter plane

Ramp Rooster  (lightning bolt through cloud)

Times A' Wastin  (little brown jugs)

Jersey Jackass  (jackass) -  Donkeys are commonly referred to as an ass, and a male donkey is known as a jackass.

B-25C “Poopsie” of the 445th Bombardment Squadron

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