Thursday, September 02, 2021

a bird built for only $8,500 in parts, as all the labor was in house


"After meeting up with the guys at TredWear and seeing the Scraptona, we knew we needed a ratty wing car," Shawn said. "Then I remembered my dad had the roof of an old Road Runner and a pile of parts. After sharing my idea with him, he agreed to give us the parts.

The nose and wing are fiberglass replicas from eBay, an old NASCAR Cup car chassis, from a Toyota team, cost $1,600," Shawn continued. "I added some used NASCAR brakes for $300 along with a fuel system.

The goal was to build the world's most affordable Superbird. "Fast and cheap" was the mantra, so the ride has a real minimalistic race car vibe going on. It's actually titled as a 1970 Road Runner.

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