Sunday, August 29, 2021

Nascar presented a trophy to the family of Wendell Scott, because he never got the trophy from his win at Jacksonville in 1963. On Saturday night in Daytona, Nascar finally realized their disrespect and disservice, and did something to make it right

 about 60 years later, the Nascar corporation had some revelation, and I haven't heard yet what it was. Possibly the lack of interest in Nascar, and their desire to do something to get free publicity. 

Scott's win remains the only Cup victory by a Black driver in NASCAR’s 2,608-race history, dating to 1949.  

The race was allowed an extra 2 laps in order to get someone white to appear to be the winner.

There isn't likely to be any evidence, or admission by the guys that organized and called Buck Baker the winner, proof of my theory that in 1963 the race was fixed so that Scott, a black man, could not win, and kiss the white trophy girl. 

But that's probably what happened. 

Racist shit like that happened all the time in the south... very contrary to the wideheld belief that the USA is/was the greatest country in the world, but then, the facts rarely support beliefs about anything.


  1. Actually prejudiced restrictions on Black race car drivers was all over the country not just the south. Rajo Jack who was a legend on the west coast was prevented from running in any AAA sanctioned events well into the early 50's. Same was true everywhere.

  2. In regards to your last sentence; couldn't agree more. What are we good at anymore? Except maybe building things that kill and destroy. And we just gave away some of that.