Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Norm and the Lightning Bug at the races

In 1952 Norm bought a fenderless 1931 Ford Model A V-8 roadster for $100. 

The A body was swapped for the front half of a 1922 Ford Model T touring with a shortened Model A pickup bed. 

20 some inches were removed of the rear framerails, starting six inches forward of the cross member.

 Up front, Norm installed a Ross steering box from a milk truck. A Bell three-spoke steering wheel was then installed nearly in a vertical position. Once completed, it steered backwards.

Valley Custom Shop fixed the steering and made a special raked-back and shortened windshield, and made the car a black paint job for Norm's bucket 

Valley Custom Shop did also give the car a black paint job before Norm had Tony Nancy stitch a red rolled and pleated interior

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