Wednesday, May 12, 2021

why doesn't it have an outboard... ?


  1. Probably does have an outboard, it's just not running. Likely made by Jeep.

    -so, when I started writing this I thought it was hilarious, now . . .not so much.

    1. HA! Well, Lucky, I think that though your intent may have not worked as funny as you wanted it too, the irony of your self awareness of failure, in context of the failure of a Jeep outboard, that you were making fun of, is darnit, the laugh I needed.
      You might not get what I'm saying, as it's a round about, big picture, looking over your shoulder while you try to make a funny joke, but - I sincerely feel the friendship of being among friends like you here on this goofball blog where we're all laughing WITH each other at something or other.
      Thanks for being along for the ride, and chiming in no matter if your joke nailed it or not. You're appreciated.

    2. If I could land a quarter of the damn jokes I thought were, and I wanted them to be, funny - I'd count myself happy