Sunday, May 09, 2021

the world sure changed a lot for these guys who fought in the civil war in 1861-65, and lived to see the West pioneered, great depression, oil boom, radio, airplanes, and cars invented, and the world go insane when the USA united strongly to fight both the racist delusional genocidal Nazis and the Emperor/god of Japans' suicidally fanatical zealot forces, simultaneously


  1. Wow, those guys would have been about 100 at that time. They would have been born around 1845 to be old enough to fight in the Civil War. That's a long life for someone born at that time.

    1. You might not be thinking of their age in context to the times they lived in as young men, there was no high school, they were adults as soon as they wanted to be, and started working as early as age 8 selling newspapers, and working in mines, factories, etc. Soldiers were as young as 15... even WW2 soldiers got in under the 18 year age limit. Back in the 16's I doubt there was an age limit. Old enough to carry a gun probably meant old enough to go to war.
      Between 250,000 and 420,000 males under 17 were involved in the American Civil War, for the Union and the Confederacy combined. It is estimated that 100,000 Union soldiers were 15 years or younger.

  2. I did consider that. Someone born in 1845 would have been 16 when the Civil War started and 100 when WW2 was over. Give or take a few years in case these veterans were only in the end of the war, they still would be in their 90's by the time this picture was taken. They definitely saw a lot of changes over their lifetimes.