Tuesday, May 11, 2021

a horrible example of how somethings are unavoidable, because the trailer of that semi had no reflectors, and the damn thing was parked on the road, in the dark.


So before you get in your car, make sure your loved ones know you're quite enamored with them, and have your insurance up to the level needed to take care of them. Especially the life insurance. 

I don't think there was anything the dash cam vehicle that recorded this video could do, except drive slower all night long, and use the high beams


  1. wow
    no lights no reflectors, and the oncoming traffic didnt even flash their headlights to warn them.

    thats why, in the US at least, all commercial trucks are required to carry the reflective triangles, unless the driver is too dumb to set them out.

    also, theres a battery powered flashing strobe light called "guardian angel" that would be very useful for a situation like this.

    My nephew is a trucker and he carrys two of the guardian angel lights in his 22 wheeler. just in case of something like this.

    this illustrates why you should never over drive your lights.
    where your stopping distance is longer than you can see whats ahead.

  2. and also the short term and long term disability.
    if you're seriously injured and unable to work, its actually worse on your family than if youre killed, because they lose your income AND have to take care of you.

  3. I used to work with a crew that made accident reconstruction movies for litigation. Yeah, we made movies with 16mm film cameras. The films were shown to juries. This video looks like one of these to me with the driver's head position camera and the film ends a split second before impact. We filmed at fractions of speed which at night was usually 1/4th speed. we never actually crashed the cars but stopped as near to impact as possible at 1/4th speed. My job was timing and vehicle synchronization. Countdown timing marks were made on the road so the various vehicles could be in the right place at the right time and going the right speed. I used switches on the road connected to a paper chart recorder to make a permanent record of speed and synchronization. This film would have been made for the plaintiff since it would have done nothing to help the defendant. I no longer do this work since this stuff is mostly done using computer animation these days and I am not a computer animator.

    A series of videos by one of the guys I used to work with: https://paulkayfetz.com/hd-video-samples/

    1. wow, thanks! That sounds like a cool job! What did you do after that job?

  4. The clip doesn't look real to me. The approaching headlights would backlight or silhouette the truck or, at least, reflect off the sides of the trailer. In this instance, it just appears out of nowhere.