Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Did you hear that there is ONE gas pipeline serving 45% of the East coast states, and that hackers shut it down? So, prices shot up, from 2.99 to in this example in Richmond Va, 6.99. More than 1,000 gas stations across the East Coast have reported gas shortages or outages

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency Tuesday in an effort to mitigate issues that could arise following a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline.

The pipeline delivers about 45% of the fuel consumed on the East Coast and is the primary fuel source for many Virginia gas stations.

Colonial Pipeline restored some fuel delivery service by Tuesday, but the main artery of the pipeline remained shut down. Colonial has said it anticipates restoring the majority of its service by the end of the week.

A Richmond gas station was charging $6.99 per gallon of gasoline Tuesday afternoon, it was under 3 dollars a gallon that morning, at that station. Last I heard, price gouging during an emergency was illegal. The Federal Trade Comission, or something like that

Viewers flooded the NBC12 phone lines questioning whether a gas station on Williamsburg Road is price gouging. Over the course of the day, they say prices climbed to out-of-the-ordinary prices. Gas stations are not supposed to overcharge during a state of emergency.

If you think a Virginia gas station is price gouging, you can report it to the Virginia Attorney General, HERE. You learn more about filing the report, HERE.


  1. Claiming Price Gouging if the state has not declared an Emergency and their is a sudden shortage of supplies is likely to fall between the cracks of actual charges of Price Gouging.

    1. Gary, the 1`st line I wrote "Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency Tuesday"
      So, why are you wasting time with the word "if"
      I can't stand people wasting my time, can you?

    2. The trick is in the wording of the intent of the Disaster order which does not specifically address the question.The Virginia Post-Disaster Anti-Price Gouging Act prohibits a “supplier” from charging unconscionable prices for “necessary goods and services” such as fuel, water, etc. And:Virginia officials say the basic test for price gouging is whether post-disaster prices charged “grossly” exceeds the same or similar goods or services within the same area compared to the 10 days immediately prior to the disaster. If you have the last 10 gallons in the county what qualifies as grossly or unconscionable?

  2. all of the stations in my area are now dry,
    thanks to russia and their hackers.
    and the pipeline companies lame computer security.

    1. oh damn!
      I have a lot of sympathy for you, I really do. Damn... people are going to be stuck, unable to commute to work, groceries, etc! Hell!
      I can't think there are any viable options to have an instant standby option, as bicycles, though feasible, won't carry groceries, or be viable in the rain.
      I got a tiny bit worried about gas prices here, and was thinking about filling my 40 gallon portable tank with pump that's been taking up space in my garage, and the 3 or 4 5 gallon cans... I guess it's not a bad idea, gas will keep for about 8 months at least.
      Keep me posted on what people are doing, and how long the dry stations last before getting relief please!
      Hell, I wish you'd write a post about it! This kind of statewide fuel shortage hasn't happened since the 70s oil embargo I think!

    2. the company I work for has suspended all travel.
      we normally drive 150-200 miles one way to jobsites. in the company owned 3/4 ton 4wd crew cab pickups that get about 12 mpg.
      I normally keep 20-30 gallons of ethanol free gasoline with sta-bil and 10 gallons of diesel at home for emergency use of my personal vehicles.
      I grew up in rural Appalachia where the nearest gas station was 10 miles away and no gas station was open after 9 or 10 at night. so we were used to keeping every car on a full tank and the electric power was not super reliable, so we always had a way to keep warm that didnt require electricity, and kept plenty of canned food (home canned food, the ones your grandma did in the glass jars)
      also kept several guns nearby, the sheriffs dept had ONE deputy, and their response time IF the deputy was on duty, was at least an hour.

  3. What is the price of gas in SoCal now? It's $2.80 - $2.90 in my area of Ohio. I was expecting it to go up more because of the pipeline.

    1. basically 4 a gallon for the cheap stuff, but, of course, some stations are always 50 cents more than anywhere else. I can't recall what the 91 octane is going for, I never buy it

  4. There's no gas to be had in the Richmond suburbs. Fortunately, my toilet paper engine is nearly complete.

  5. That looks like flat out price gouging. Shame on them if that's the case!

  6. the shortage is due to people panic buying and filling any container they can with gas.
    if they stations brought the price up to 9.99 / gallon it would have force people to stop and think if they really needed the gas instead of panicing and hoarding unused gas.

    how many thousand of gallons are going to be wasted because of this panic?
    also they want to shutdown a line in michigan while this is going on. fun times....

  7. $6.99 per US gallon is approximately the regular UK/European price.

  8. The hackers are said to be from Russia, or Ukraine or some such place. and while that may be so, I'm convinced it's an inside job. More deep state fuckery.