Sunday, July 07, 2019

what the hell are these "wheel covers" doing with 6 lug nuts? Does anyone know which option code these are? Or know of a visual id guide to Camaro wheel covers that labels them and shows them all?

according to this, the above are the PA2

from the 1968 Camaro sales brochure

these aren't in the sales brochure for 1967,

Side note:
Martin V points out that the E250 and E350 Ford vans have a 7 fake lug nut wheel cover

but the 250 and 350 have 8 lugs on the hub. So, this idiocy isn't limited to any one manufacturer


  1. RPO PA2 wheel covers were not available on the 1967 Camaro. Only on the 1968 and 1969. Their cost was the same as the N96 covers ($70.00).4085 in 68 and 1362 in 69 were the production numbers. N96 were known as Mag Style A while PA2 was Mag Style B.

    1. Thanks! It's nearly impossible to find info when it's needed, there simply is so much garbage to look through to try and find that needle in the haystack

  2. I've never seen those before. That's weird. They look like an option for a late model Chevy Express van, not a Camaro.