Monday, July 08, 2019

if you get the opportunity, see Lane Sutterby's rat rod Crosley station wagon

He started with a rusty little thing

then got busy with welding, chopping, etc. Using the biggest engine he could find on craigslist, a 472 Caddy, and a Dodge 1 ton frame, he went gonzo on the rest

catch the interview at


  1. Holy cow, I just found this article! Thank you for the publicity! I need to start putting together a build thread and make it public lol but I appreciate the love man!

    - Lane

    1. You earned it! Send me some photos of this, because these are all I could find, and I want some more! Share the cool! Don't be shy, get a gallery of how it is now, THEN go ahead with a build thread.... but though some are most interested in the build, I'm most interested in how it turned out, and what the many cool items are like when all put together! the steering wheel, the awning over the windshield... I love it! Gimme more photos to make me a happy camper so I can post a better gallery!