Wednesday, January 09, 2019

wedding ring found in a 1972 Olds 98 junkyard car's engine that was getting pulled to stuff into a drag racing Olds in Iowa (thanks Gary!)

“[Frye] was looking for an engine for that particular car,” Ray Schmuecker explained. "This is the engine my car had in it, so he bought it, and when he dismantled it he found this ring on top of the engine.”

The previous owner, Ray, is now 93 years old, remembers why he bought it brand new back in 1972.

"My wife got cancer and that's when everything kind of fell a part," he said.

Schmuecker first saw the car on his way to and from Iowa City for his wife's chemotherapy appointments for her breast cancer, and purchased the Oldsmobile because he wanted a nice car to drive his wife to her cancer treatments in until she passed away.

He loved the look of the car, and wanted a smooth ride for his wife, so he bought it for around $4,000.

"Had a lot of good times and a lot of bad times in the old car," he recalled, each of his three kids learned how to drive in that, "and took it out on their dates, and run into the ditch and what have you," Schmuecker fondly remembered.

The car also took the family of five on their last vacation before passed away.

The Schmuecker family was happy to sell the car to Frye, who would get good use of the motor and help their mother's memory live on.

However, they didn't expect that he would find their dad's lost wedding ring, which he remembers losing in 1973-74!


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