Thursday, January 10, 2019

1200 employees were laid off last month in Valencia when "Goodyear Venezuela has been forced to cease operations.” was the sign they found on the door.

As part of the severance deal, redundant workers received ten tires each

Not so bad when you consider that inflation will raise prices on everything, but, those tires will be perfectly good to use, or hold on to, for years, and be trade goods everyone can understand the value of, and need.

Pirelli shut down it's tire manufacturing in Venezuela a couple months prior, in August


  1. socialism / Communism has failed everywhere its been tried, yet people still keep trying it and there are to people elected to congress who are avoved socialists.

    1. ok, that's politics.... meanwhile, over here in tire businesses that have went for years in Veneuela, and now are bailing out like the country is on fire, I was doing news on bankruptcy and workers getting shut out. I get it, it's a result of govt leadership, but, no matter what the poltical philosophy or party, the same thing has happened in the USA, England, etc.
      So, I'll try to stay over here away from the politics, and talk about the results of businesses related to car guy world.