Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Don't play this if you have medical conditions that are triggered by increased heart rate, blood pressure, stress, or anger. The situation was handled and over before this woman showed up and tried to intervene

If you wisely choose to skip the reaction you'll have to this woman, I can tell you she's very rich, and got appointed to the Port Authority Commission.

In the background of the scene, you'll see there is no port. There are no ships, no tug boats, and no sailors. Yet, she's decided to get involved in an impounding of a car with illegal window tint, lack of insurance and an expired registration.

Later, around the 4 minute mark, you'll find that this woman is the mother of one of the passengers, not the driver, not the owner of the vehicle about to be impounded.

but at 8:21, she tells the nice cops to "you may shut the fuck up"

I'd say the cops were very patient. That's remarkable for New Jersey.

At the 11 minute mark she was nearly ready to leave, then decided to talk more shit. At the 12 minute mark, she says " you have a smug ass look on your face" to the cop.

Turns out, she resigned after this got publicity. It's going to be fine though, she made sure to mention that she has 3 homes.

the brilliance of Drew Sheneman, a political cartoonist for the Star-Ledger.

Welcome to internet immortality.


  1. She need a right hook to the jaw.

  2. It's sometimes amaze how stupid, arrogant and high some people can be just because they have more buck and position then you. I'm impressed by how calm those cops are, professional and calm. I don't know if I would be that calm...

  3. Cop reaction when he heard "I'm friend of a mayor". And you already know what he think about that woman.

  4. This woman is the most arrogant bitch I ever saw and heard. Did she say she was a commissioner? Commissioner of what? Lunacy?!?

  5. is she related to E.Warren as a member of the SLAP A HO tribe