Thursday, January 10, 2019

The personal 1968 Cobra Jet Torino GT of Bob Tasca Jr. has surfaced from under a tarp in a backyard in Chicopee, Massachusetts. It sat there for 35 years

Tasca made up decals reading "King of the Road," a set of which is still on this car. Apparently, Tasca was planning to sell a specialty model using this name, but Ford said no because Shelby already had dibs on the name for the G.T. 500, which became the G.T. 500KR in the spring of 1968.

When Doug Gaba died in 2015, Chris helped liquidate the estate. However, the sale of the Torino was "kind of up in the air," and instead he purchased an S-code 1967 Mustang fastback.

Chris says, "Then somebody decided not to buy the Torino, and a friend of mine, Jay Anderson, purchased the car." Two months later, he had the Torino in his shop and was helping his friend clean it up. "I got kind of sentimental because of my lifelong connection to the car, my father, and his friend Doug."

Chris got motivated to pick up the reins and put the car on the street to enjoy, and occasionally drag race, as well. "My buddy said to me, 'Give me what I have in it, and it's yours. '"

Chris was elated to purchase the car that was once owned by a friend so close to the family. He displayed the historic Tasca Torino at the 2018 Cobra Jet Reunion at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

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