Monday, January 07, 2019

"Blue You've Never Seen" was a real paint name, for the AMC Rebel Raider. I know, I've never heard of it either

AMC Rebel Raider was another regional special edition model that had followed in above mentioned Wagon’s trio. There were only 300 Rebel Raiders built for the New York – New Jersey area. Apart from having the V8 mill, all Raiders also came with “Big Bad” paint jobs. These special new AMC colors included Electric Green, Tangerine, and Blue You’ve Never Seen.


  1. Most people think of AMC and they think of grandmas Rambler! And granted their everyday models surely led to the demise (NO styling) but they made some cool power performance cars that I would love to own!

  2. Years ago I had a '68 Rebel SST hardtop. By the measure of the day, it was above par in quality and style. A really nice machine.

    Thanks for the AMC coverage!

    1. I like a lot of stuff, and AMC is one that just doesn't get much publicity. Probably because they made very little that is muscle car, or sports car. Just as a 1 to 1 representation for what they made and how much we see of it, they might even get more than Ford or Chevy. Not as much as Mopar, but, I particularly like Mopars the most... they had the most variety and designs

    2. Regarding the MoPar verities, yes they most certainly did. To bad they got bad press from auto magazines. Well at least it seems that way to me. That, and the fears rivalry between GM and Chrysler on the streets. Ford and AMC had there things too, but it seemed as for rivalry there was a unspoken respect there. Not so with the GM crowd it seemed.

      Now, for the color on that Raider, that's electric to me. Real eye candy.