Monday, January 07, 2019

there were a 1000 new laws that went into effect in California on Jan 1 2019, one is excessive noise from a modified or aftermarket exhaust... now it's a mandatory fine. Harley's that yell "potato potato potato" are going to find out fast, that's going to cost you in California

New California Law for 2019. As of January 1, 2019, a modified exhaust on an automobile or motorcycle, excessively loud, can no longer be cited as a correctable violation. Assembly Bill AB1824 has taken away the opportunity to correct the violation and requires a citation for such violation to result in a fine only.

Another law that is an instant ticket? Dealership plates instead of temp registration. Time to stop advertising, now you have to have temp registration plates
Temporary Paper Plates (AB 516): Authorized California dealers must place a paper plate with a number and expiration date on every vehicle they sell, whether new or used.

If the vehicle does not already display the required number of permanent license plates, the dealer will also be required to print and issue temporary license plates and attach them to the vehicle before leaving the dealership.

 I think it's going to be 90 days into the year that EVERY non license plate will be deemed past due the max allowed time to get temp registration... so, come April it's going to seem like the cops have a quota to fill on advertising plates.

Verification of Polluting Emissions (AB 1274): The exemption from smog verification for vehicles that have been purchased new will extend from six to eight years. During the two years of this exemption, the vehicle owner will not have to do the smog check but pay $25. The charge of $20 during the first six years of exemption to verify smog will continue.

Motorized Scooters (AB 2989): People over 18 years old will no longer need to use a bicycle helmet to use a motorized scooter.

Police Transparency Assembly Bill 748 requires that the images of body cameras on police officers and any other audio recording acquired by a police agency be disclosed to the public. This must be done within 45 days after a police shooting or excessive force causes death or injury to a person.

Police Transparency Senate Bill 1421 allows public access to police records in cases of force, as well as investigations that confirmed the lack of honesty in the work or sexual misconduct.


  1. the law requiring numbered temp plates is waaay overdue,

    and the excessive noise law will get beaten in court, unless there is a decibel limit and the cops are issued and trained to use a meter to measure the noise level who decides whats excessive??

    1. It's not "Excessive noise" it's Aftermarket system, non stock, modified, and too damn noisy. They drivers will have to prove they either have a stock system that isn't past the noise level, or pay the fine. See, the trick is to remove the proof from the police, and let them write all the tickets they want, on every noise Harley and fart can Honda. No two ways about it, they finally got smart and made a law that isn't simple to loop hole.
      When showing up to prove that a system is a) manufactures original or OEM replacement, and b) isn't past the 97 dB limit, you can bet that everyone will be rolling up to the check station with a perfectly quiet and legal system. And therefore, the law will have worked, and no one will be showing up with after market loud systems. I bet they even tell the cops to take photos of the systems on the vehicle at the time of ticket, and if the vehicle shows up to get checked out, and has a different exhaust than it did when getting ticketed? De Facto fail, due to falsification of evidence on the part of the driver/owner. So, they got it right this time. No more bull.

  2. If the car owner can just pay $25 to avoid the emissions testing, does that mean it's just a cash grab, and not really about cleaning the air?

    1. yes. Are not all monies paid to the govt at any level, for anything in return, a cash grab? The govt exists to provide a common defense (military), establish and protect the border, pave the roads, and handle sewage and water, for healthy standards of living. Once it takes care of these fundamentals, it's citizens are free to enjoy life, right? Isn't that the point of us living on this planet? Enjoying life before we die? Yes! So, why does the govt tax soda, regulate when beer can be sold, and where, charge to register vehicles? The drivers are tested and licensed to drive, so, why the vehicles? And why annually? It's all a cash grab.