Monday, January 07, 2019

9800 mile unrestored pampered '67 GTO

recently bought from the original owner by the owner of Ames Performance, who sells restoration parts for goats, and collects them too, but specifically the lowest mileage unrestored goats.

The first owner was a kid on a mission at an early age, who started working when at age 10, doing a paper route. Saving all that money with one goal: getting a cool hot rod.

His brother was doing the same, working odd jobs and saving his money, both with the same intent of buying a hot GM offering from Detroit.

At 16 he bought his first car, a Morris Minor, for $100, which would serve him well over the years. A year later the time had come to purchase a new car.

He, too, became quite smitten with the 1967 GTO, though he had a list of things he wanted for his Goat. First, he wanted a dark green car, so he custom-ordered Sherwood Green (code 36), which was an available Cadillac color. The dealership obliged, and that started a short rundown of necessary options and deletions for our young owner.

"I got the performance differential, the Safe-T-Track, with 3.36 gears, a Hurst-shifted four-speed, and did not get power anything, as I did not want to rob power from the engine," says the owner. The only other options were an AM radio, Rally gauges, Soft Ray glass, and a set of Rally II wheels.

Because he was only 17, he had to get an adult (his 20-year-old brother) to sign off on the deal, which he paid for in cash.

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  1. Wow! Great car, great color, great story! And I'm sure it sold for a great price and rightfully so. I'd love to see what that would roll across the line at Barrett Jackson for!