Monday, January 07, 2019

I am just never going to get credit for so many photos I snapped.

some days you just can't win. The other part of the problem, is that most Tumblr blogs have no email on them so a person can contact the person making the site, and get a correction to happen

For the rest of this cool, rare old Cadillac:


  1. Can you put a watermark on your photos?

    1. I can, but, that makes them ugly, and I know how easy it is to delete water marks. I do it occasionally when some painting has been marked over by Alamy. Screw that, they don't own the painting, and it's older than copyright laws, so, erase erase erase.
      The 2nd to last painting in this post
      used to look like!-french-motoring-cartoon-1913-by-jean-villemot-1880-131280467.html

    2. also, the thing that annoys me is that these Tumblr sites don't mind giving the credit to someone, they just don't bother giving it to me, the photographer!

  2. Jesse that really sucks, and yes you do deserve the credit for anything you take pictures of.