Sunday, January 06, 2019

Does anyone want to buy a NOS vintage gasket set, for garage art or to use for a Olds 350 - 400 - 455? Unopened box of gaskets, and it needs a better home than in my garage

that label pretty much tells you every thing in it.

Nothing is popping up online to say when it was made, but, based on where it came from, a friends dad's garage, because about 50 years ago he bought a '68 442, I would say that this is not newer than 1977

If you'd like to buy it, let me know. I intend to use the money to make a nice box for the radio that came from that same car, and build a working radio with speakers, for my friend who fondly remembers riding in that car with her parents... and when she offered me the car guy stuff and tools her dad left to her, when he passed away and she inherited the family home, I thought - damn, here's a chance to make a cool working car radio and speakers for her... something for her and her garage.

You know? It might not be anything she'll use much, but, I think she's going to love it. She doesn't have any idea that the radio from that car she loved, and the times she remembers in it, like when her little old mom didn't take the young guys in the next lane talking trash very well, and raced them, and they seriously never thought that she'd beat them off the line and beat them to the next light. Respect was earned, and she never thought of her mom as a softy ever again... her mom suddenly was a silent but deadly drag racer when the time came to stomp on the gas and protect the family car's honor. if you want to buy it

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