Sunday, January 07, 2018

muscle car drum brake test... I really ought to do this with my ol beast... just to know how bad it is.... compared to my commuter

a new car with disc brakes can usually stop a car from 60 mpg in about 125 to 130 feet. Some are better, and knock off 20 feet or so.

A muscle car like a 1965 Coronet with 10 inch drums was test, and the best it did was 200 feet. The next test was 250, and the brake fade was significantly worse, and the 3rd test was 300 feet.


  1. You probably posted it 25 times, but I missed it. What old car do you have?

    1. You missed it because I have only ever posted it as a feature maybe twice. For different reasons. There is not enough ego in me to make a damn website about my stuff, my car.... that type of ego and self centered bullshit isn't what I'm about. I'm for showcasing the cool stuff that other people make, design, modify, upgrade, restore, paint, create, race, or whatever. Plus the planes, trains, motorcycles, and news. Why bore anyone else with what I have?

  2. Don't sell yourself short. If it has wheels and is cool it belongs here.

    1. thanks! I'm not selling myself short... I have good taste, and got lucky, a couple times. But, it's pretentious or egotistical or something to just blog about your own car I believe. It's not when it's a blog about fixing up that car, don't get me wrong, but everytime I see another site where the writer can't stop patting himself on the back (Alex Roy for example) I get fed up quick. I don't want to do that, and I think no one wants another "I'm cool, I'm fabulous, I drive a whatever, oh, and when I whatever, I do so while wearing whatever" you know?
      I posted photos of it once because I wondered if I could actually be a decent photographer, so I had the car, I chose a setting, I took some photos. They stunk. And just like that, I know, I'm lucky now and then with photos, but mostly, I can spot the stuff that is really good.
      The other time, I was interviewing for my job, and the manager says, well, we'd like you to take photos of cars and describe them.
      "I do that" I replied. Ok, he said, do it of your car, and let me see it. Bingo boingo, next day I go back for the follow up interview and he says " Damn... you're hired" Thanks, I replied, were you thinking I was full of crap? He said, looking serious, "You don't strike me as the guy that does that website, but, hey, there's the car, the title, and the feature on your car and it's terrific." I said... "you thought I came in here and claimed that I was the guy that made JACG and was trying to pull a fast one? Really? Do I come off as ... fake? Phoney? Or not into cars?" He laughed, said "no, I just didn't think anyone that's put that much effort into that site would walk in here asking to get hired for a photographer job, it doesn't pay much, and it's going to get boring."
      Huh, well, I need to have someone pay me so I can pay bills, and that site doesn't charge anyone, so it makes nothing. I get press passes, and I get into SEMA, a industry only Wonka's candy land for car guys, every year.... and those are just the tangible perks. I love sharing the cool stuff, and sorta putting out a magazine of content a week, because the work is so damn satisfying when you can appreciate the god job you've done"
      He gave me a sideways look, and said something like " you're going to be satisfied with your job here?" I said smoothly, as I've interviewed for dozens of jobs, and I've interviewed dozens of people "I have no idea, but it doesn't matter, as long as you're satisfied and I don't have to go looking for another job, because it really sucks."
      So, that was why my car has been posted here a couple times.
      As for why I don't just link to it or tell the other commmentor what it is? He's on my shit list, and I've already told him to pound sand, he's not welcome here. He wasn't invited, he wasn't asked, and he doesn't pay dues... so he can pack it, and quit annoying me.