Friday, January 12, 2018

there was a team that won a chain race, argued over who got to take home the chained together trophys, all the way to in front of a judge

at one time in the past, which seems to have not been posted to the internet until now, Bowman Gray Stadium had a team of chain race winners, make history

 The track hosted a "chain" race a couple of years back, in which drivers compete while towing a teammate in an engine-less car. The winners were awarded two trophies that were connected by ... yes ... a chain.

These two proceeded to debate who got to keep the trophies, and when one had a duplicate set made at the very same shop, that wasn't good enough.

 They eventually wound up in small claims court.

Over a chain race

Here's a better resolution video, with the camera facing the towed car, skip the ridiculously long 5 minutes 25 seconds of sitting on the starting line, and get right to the racing!

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