Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Last February, 2 bike drag racers ended up pushing their bikes, still competing for the win, nearly the whole length of the drag strip to see which would be 1st to cross the finish line

Riders Maurice Allen and Ryan Learmonth lined up aboard their 350-horsepower Suzukis to contest the semi-finals for Round 2 of the 400 Thunder Pro Bike series, but on this pass, shortly after the green light both riders stalled their bikes.

Unable to restart their machines and with the finish line in sight, Allen and Learmonth had no other option but to start pushing.

Rather than give up, the riders dismounted and pushed their lifeless bikes, worth in the region of $100,000 each, toward the finish line.

Much to the amusement of commentators and spectators, Maurice Allen, whose bike stalled a little farther down the track, pushed his bike across the finish just ahead of Ryan Learmonth.

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