Tuesday, January 09, 2018

among the things they don't test for at the factory when building a truck, are leaks. Well, with this mornings showers, one became readily apparent when water began streaming out of the A pillar

Above the hard plastic A pillar you can see the soaked through head liner

and from the access point in the A pillar, you can see the steady stream of water.

I tell you, it's rare to see a factory mistake, and this one might be as simple a windshield that isn't sealed in the driver's side upper corner, but it reminds me that as perfect as a new car seems, check it out as much as you can before buying it

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  1. This is common across most makes. I had 2 Saturns that leaked in the same place shown and my 2002 Lincoln LS also leaks there. All three had sunroofs and I was told that there are drains inside that get clogged or become disconnected. Not cheap to have fixed either.