Thursday, January 11, 2018

a tool box bought in 1960s and now handed down to the 9 yr old great grandson. Epitomizes built to last. If only the Sears company had lasted, they could use examples like this for advertising

great granddad used in in the house only, and took the tag off after getting it home from the store, and stored it in the drawer for the past 60 years.

How cool it this?!?! Passing down tools and tool boxes? That is a really cool thing to do, expecially considering how tools are either over priced today, and made half as well.

time tested, great grand dad approved!

Larry was sceptical, and rightly so, as he looked it up, and with inflation that $27 dollar empty tool box was $221 dollars.

Full, for $66 dollars, it was $514

You can buy the most similar tool box Sears makes now for $305.00, and without the tools for $58.

So the tool box, 1960, empty of tools was 27 bucks.

I still say the quality and design of the old tools and tool boxes was superior to todays

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  1. The fact that things are cheaper today is hard for most people to understand. It became very apparent to me when I replaced an American made Eureaka tent. The one I bought in 1982 was 400.00 the replacement made in China 2001, exactly like the first was 200.00. With inflation was 1/4 of the price.