Wednesday, January 10, 2018

a load of stuff thrown into the woods in Alabama was pulled out and gathered to be sent to a real dump... because normally the dumptrucks won't get this oversized stuff. That seems to induce people to leave their garbage in forests, fields, lakes and streams

Madison County, the 3rd most populous county in Alabama does not act like it's unable to deal with a difficult situation, (such as you see in the neighboring Limestone county, above)  however.

 Once a month that truck with the large claw comes around followed by dump trucks and they pick up just about anything that won't fit in your trash can.

Some things that are picked up include appliances, tree limbs, and furniture. Things that are not picked up include stumps, tires, car parts, pesticides, paint, electronics, shingles, insulation, concrete, bricks, or rocks.

Limestone and Madison share a border with each other, and another side with Tennessee.


  1. I get that shit on my property in Delaware County PA along with broken fish tanks, tree trimmings and jugs of used oil. Grrrrrrr.

  2. If the county wont pick up electronics, car parts, tires, shingles etc.
    what are the residents supposed to do with it????

    1. Car parts? Recycle places take steel, iron, and aluminum. That takes car of most car parts. Electronics? People are supposed to be responsible for the stuff they buy, and when getting rid of it, are supposed to do it right, even if that means going to as much effort as it took to buy the electronics, like, for example, dropping off the computer, tv, flatscreen or whatever at a designated electronic recycle drop off. Now, I'm not even saying that exists everywhere, but then, neither do hospitals even if I say you must take a broken bone to a hospital to get fixed. Tires and shingles? Well, tires get disposed of by tire stores, and they charge a couple bucks to dispose of them. Shingles? Now how often does that ever come up?
      But I think I've covered answering your questions pretty good

  3. This do piss me off pretty strong. I walk in to forest when my grandparents did live near and I find all the shit. Old refrigerator, TV, junk, cans... for fuck sake, forest is no place to drop your junk. There are many dudes that ride and gather metal junk, call them they will take it away and sell it. Why to trash the forest, river, field... this is beyond me.