Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Salute of the Day! I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it, a Smokey Yunick tribute car at the Settrington Cup at the Goodwood Revival

Who ever did that deserves a pizza!

Seriously, that's just amazing to get a shot at sponsoring a car there, or whatever the situation is, and decorating it up with lettering, and the Smokey black, gold, and 13.




  1. Probably a Yank built that and entered it. I was trying to figure out the "2 p.p." on the hood. Must be for 2 pedal power, instead of the horsepower number that would have been on Smokey's cars. Clever!

    1. 2 pedal power is what I was guessing too... cute huh!

  2. Finest Gloucestershire & Somerset engineering went into building the car, no Yank input at all. 2PP stands for 2 Pedal Power.
    Won best car at the inaugural Settrington in 2012, as judged by Murray Walker. Finished second on the Sunday in 2017.

    1. well, you must be blind. Look at the writing on the car, right there on the fender. Smokey's Best Damn Garage In Town. Maybe you're not aware of what that means, but it's Yank input. Specifically Smokey Yunick, Daytona Beach Florida.
      Don't let your prejudices get in the way of admiring what people have accomplished. Give credit where it's been earned, and show some respect to those that earned it.
      Maybe you weren't clear on the concept, but everything you see on my blog that someone else did? Is because I respect what they've done.
      Don't be a jackass and snub them.

    2. **Sarcastic put-down deleted**

      It's my car.

      With that in mind, perhaps you should revisit your rant.

    3. You're either test low at reading comprehension, or are just not too smart.
      I don't care if it's your car or someone else's. It's someone's. No matter who made it, I complimented it, pointed out the Smokey Yunick theme, and if your ego gets in the way of acknowledging that as a predominant visual "Yank" input then you need to revisit your rant.

      Your car's look and tribute of respect to a WW2 B17, and Flying Tigers pilot that assisted in keeping the Nazi's off your little island and teaching your parents to zeigheil and speak German are the Yank input you've snubbed.
      Get a clue. I complimented you, and the car, and you've got a problem in not noticing