Saturday, December 09, 2017

keep the dream alive, if any kid tells some other kid what they "can't do" point out how almost nothing can't be done, especially in the Western hemisphere, that's why we're North AmeriCANs and South AmeriCANs

A 10-year-old girl got to fly a plane for the first time last week, thanks to UPS’s Wishes Delivered campaign,

Taylor is going to be a UPS pilot: She knows this, and you should, too.

“When she was about 5, we took her to the Mall of America, and she got to fly in a plane, and she just knew that’s what she wanted to do with her life,” her mem said. “She was just amazed by it.”

She had taken Taylor to a Girls in Aviation day at Bowman Field, and the UPS Wishes Delivered crew was there, filming and scouting for a candidate, and they chose Taylor.

Wishes Delivered fulfills the dreams of children in various ways. In the past, a young boy who had a special relationship with a driver, was given a custom-made UPS package truck to drive around his neighborhood. The team once delivered snow to children in Texas who had never experienced snow before.

 This year, the company decided to inspire young girls in aviation, said Gloria Hatcher, a UPS pilot.

Capt Dave Smith is a flight trainer with UPS's other hub in Anchorage Alaska, he made a special trip to the Louisville UPS hub, called Worldport, to be a part of this event.

“Taylor is a wonderful pilot,” he said. “It’s a wonderful day to go flying, very smooth, very nice. … Great visibility. We flew toward Cincinnati, she flew over the new bridge, saw some marinas, just navigated herself right along the Indiana and Kentucky border.”

(Taylor's mom says that UPS donates a dollar every time the video gets shared on facebook, to Wishes Delivered, their charity.  Good, lets make them pay!)

“I’m going to be in the Navy, and once I get my license I am going to work for UPS as a pilot,” she said. “They made my dad’s dreams come true. They paid for his college, and without them, we would be in debt right now, and thanks to him, I’m here right now.”

Taylor said the fact that there are so few women pilots doesn’t discourage her at all.

“No, I think it’s more important for the whole entire world so people can follow their dreams and be who they are,” she said. “It doesn’t matter that people say that you can’t do something — it just means that you can do it. You can be better than what they say.”

Smith presented Taylor with a certificate for her accomplishment and presented her with her first log book, with his signature on her first flight lesson. The log book is real, and the time she spent in the air counts toward her future flight instruction.

Smith discussed important moments for a pilot with Taylor.  “I want to tell you, there are three flights that are very special to a pilot,” he told Taylor. “Your first flight; the second one is your first solo; and the third one is your final flight when you retire. So, you’re 10, I’m 47. When I retire, you’ll be 28. So, your goal is to fly my last flight with me.”

3 cheers for UPS flight instructor Capt Dave Smith,   that's way fucking cool to make this kid a log book and fill out her first flight, and ask her to join you on your last. Coolest thing I've heard all year, I think.


If some kid says some ignorant stupid shithead thing to another, slap the negative kid upside the head. It's good for them, millions of kids have been slapped upside the head and turned into good people who stopped being assholes and went on to be good people.

This world doesn't need negative assholes talking shit, it needs more dreamers with ambitions, goals, and dreams. Things only get done when a dreamer with ambition keeps trying to make it happen.

The assholes who are negative, they become negative alcoholic assholes.

since this occured a couple months ago, Taylor gets invited to fly now and then, and one person that invites her is the family friend Howard, who is 94, and still flying

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  1. Taylor is going to be a great pilot. She's a natural, and an inspiration to us all. You go Taylor! You go girl.