Sunday, December 10, 2017

Coffee and donuts videos for your day: UPS drivers make friends on their routes, and some inspire kids to want to be drivers too. Oh, yes... have kleenex on hand.


  1. Neat stories! The training camp was fun to watch. When my older son was little, he liked the UPS truck, but not as much as these kids. He called it the D-A-R-D fra-fra (he couldn't say UPS). We bought him a small UPS truck and a USPS mail car, which were both hard to find. I had to meet a mail carrier at a park to buy the mail car, like a drug deal.

    1. I got lucky to find these... after SEMA and before the spring car shows it's a little harder to find good material to share

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    1. I've learned that Onions won't irritate your eyes if you wait until no one is around. When no one is around, your eyes will be fine, and no one can prove me wrong.