Saturday, December 09, 2017

'70 Super Bee with buckets, console, A/C and gator grain top was just bought from the 73 yr old original owner, and it was still mighty original, with a few consumable items replaced over the years and only 64k miles on it

The Super Bee was ordered in TX9 Black with black interior, white C-stripes and a gator grain top. Under the hood, he opted for the 383 Magnum and 727 automatic transmission. For exterior options, he chose bumper guards, hood pins, fender mounted turn signals, passenger side mirror, power steering, power disc brakes, Hemi suspension, SureGrip rear with 3:23 gears and 15×7 Rallye wheels. On the inside, he checked the boxes for air conditioning (with tinted glass), AM/8-track, rear speaker, Tic-Toc-Tach, six-way manual adjustable seat, cruise control, bucket seats, center console, pedal dress up, rear defroster and even the rare headlight time delay!

Total price $6197

The original owner had the original Polyglas tires hanging on the wall beside the car, plus the build sheet in beautiful shape, original sales slip and all documentation from day one.

and fyi, googling to see more about this car, avoid using the words Boux Bee, as there is a lingerie company Boux Avenue with Bumble Bee underwear. Crazy similar key words in these two items, Super Bee bought by Boux, and Boux Bumble Bee... I laughed, and maybe you will too


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