Friday, December 08, 2017

Felix Ocano, being interviewed outside Michigan City in June 1962. Ocana started his journey towards Ottawa from Ecuador in May of 1960 in the vintage car he rebuilt and has repaired many times during his long journey

After building a 1924 Model T Ford from spare parts and driving it from Quito, Ecuador, in two years, Felix Ocana arrived in Detroit Monday to learn more about automobiles.

Ocana, a 41-year-old mechanic from Pasto, Colombia, was writing a book on the evolution of the automobile in America. Detroit the "automobile capital of the world" was the high point of his research tour, he said.

getting a ticket in Indiana for driving too slow in 1962, the minimum on the tollroad was 40 mph

and the internet seems to have nothing else about Felix's long trip. Damn it. 

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