Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Cool spare tire cove cover on this ol Dodge

The guy's dad bought the truck new from a local dealer. It was retired to his field about 20 years ago, with an agreement that the kid wouldn't touch it until the dad passed away. Seems a damn shame that the dad wouldn't work on it with the kid, and see the kid enjoy something, and the old truck come back to life, but... people are strange.



  1. I do not believe that is a spare tire cover, but a covered tool tray. A spare tire would not stay in there by itself and there is no way to hold the tire in place. Additionally, that truck probably had 16" wheels and tires, and look how shallow the dip in the fender is; less than 8 or 10 inches of tire and an inch of the tire's tread would sit down in the concave

    1. I will say this once.... 1936 Dodge Fore-Point half-ton pickup. Now, look it up, and quit wasting my time with your nonsense. Say: thank you, that's cool, you were right, I was wrong, and I'll not 2nd guess you without proof and a link.... and move on to enjoy the rest of the stuff I post.

  2. Replies
    1. and I'm supposed to be insulted by your ignorant self? Hardly. Just find a clue, realize you're outclassed in all matters vehicular when talking to me, or anyone else on this site, and piss off.

    2. you are too damn ignorant of the truck you're discussing to even have a conversation about it. You may as well go back to playing video games and annoying the other school children