Saturday, December 09, 2017

Wingfoot Express on the salt flats at Bonneville, Utah, 1964. Walt Arfons (left) and Tom Green pose with their jet-powered land speed record car.


  1. This past summer, I was at Arfons garage in Uniontown, Ohio. Talked to Walt's son and I asked him about the tires on the LSR cars and he said Goodyear was their sponsor so they didn't buy them. They were 60 ply and inflated to 400 psi. with nitrogen.
    Small tire shop with pics of their cars on the walls and was there to fix their tire machine.

  2. Arfon's automotive on FB

    1. I'll look it up! Thanks! I've been one of many Norman Rockwell poster kids of Americana, and had a fascination with Arfons, Breedlove, and the American hot rodders that went competitive about winning the LSR.