Wednesday, December 06, 2017

23 yr old motorcyclist leads cops on a chase, they don't like that. The sheriff shoots him in the head with a 12 gauge. All 7 dash cams are erased to destroy evidence of attempted murder

He was guilty of the crime of crime of driving without a license plate.

That's it. So, panicking, he took off.

The cops did what cops do, except, this police dept has a no chase policy. Huh. They violated their own policy.

Then, when they finally got him to stop at a roadblock, Sheriff Deloach shot him in the face with buckshot.

Schantz said after they realized the Sheriff may have committed a possible attempted murder, all of the deputies erased their dash camera footage. He said the proof is found in the Georgia State Bureau of Investigations’ own report. He also doubts the deputies’ contention that each and every one of their cameras only malfunctioned on the video which would have shown the sheriff shooting an unarmed man in the face.

“Per the GBI report, 7 cars had running dash cams. EVERY single one stated their cams ‘malfunctioned.’ The truck that would have captured the shooting on video was supposed to have 8 segments of video but only 7 were recovered. They have before the shooting and after. They deleted the video of the shooting.”

the FBI has now taken over the investigation after the GBI predictably failed to recommend charges be filed against Sheriff Deloach.

The young man said he was unarmed, had no warrants for his arrest, and believes Sheriff Deloach abused his badge when he attempted to kill him for fleeing from the officers.

According to the Free Thought Project article, yesterday was his day in court.


  1. The "victim" stated "he didn't want to be hassled" and was aware of the no chase policy so he stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Does the author really think if he had simply pulled over instead of running they would have shot him?

    Nevermind... I already know the answer to that question.

    1. play stupid games... and where in the world does a 12 gauge shooting 00 buckshot at your face come into play? Was he a wanted terrorist? Nope. Was he about to drive a tank over a class of 3rd grader kids? Nope. Was he talking shit about your mama's famous apple pie? No. So... you're fine with cops shooting people in the face with a shotgun because they ride a motorcycle. Oh, well, glad to know you've got a liberal tolerance for use of force, and shotguns. Remind me to never give you a shotgun. When were you convinced that shooting people was the best way to stop a citizen with the same rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that happens to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law? Or, did you skip that part of school that was there to teach you legal methods are there to keep the police from being the very tyrants that this country (USA) was made to remove from power over our fellow citizens? Dang, you're fucking heartless. I hope your kids never look at a cop sideways when he has to get back to his donuts and coffee