Monday, December 04, 2017

in the feel good story of the day, Tom Hanks has his Fiat 126 finally!

Tom Hanks seems to be genuinely excited about his new bare-bones econobox, which is not something you can say about everyone with a few hundred million in the bank. He's so much like that Toy Story character Woody, it's silly

I'm very happy to have learned about this story early, and been able to post about it along the way, and see the conclusion... hopefully Tom Hanks will drive it around So Cal, and maybe in a movie!

For the origin of the story: 


  1. great to see him with the car, he looked really proud, that's for sure a car you won't see everyday in the US

    1. More rare and rare sight in Poland too. But there is a group, pretty large group of people, every age, that try to preserve the adorable Maluszek. It don't have a speed, space or all those fancy things that modern cars have... but for sure that tiny car have a lot of style and nostalgia in it.

  2. Hanks is the only actor I would love to meet. He seems a really nice guy.