Monday, October 23, 2017

Know why kids don't dress up as cops, but dress up as firemen? Firemen are heroes who save lives, pets, and homes.... and don't shoot people, issue tickets and do stop and frisks to harass innocent people minding their own business.

If you don't agree, you haven't met firemen. If you're offended, piss off. Everything I wrote is a fact, not an opinion

Holy crap, you all lost your minds. You were both offended by facts, and had melt downs instead of facing it, and saying, yeah, true, cops do indeed shoot people, issue tickets ( motorcycle cops giving a tickets for no seat belts to drivers... figure that out), and harrass people with stop and frisks. 

here's the cop that hit some biker at a stop sign, then kicked him while pointing a gun at him, finger on the trigger, and busted his jaw, full story and result:

Firemen are heroes, they save lives, pets, and homes. Things we value. Cops ignore civil and constitutional rights as it's convenient, and they mostly have immunity for the crimes they commit including manslaughter, assault etc.

Exhibit A, asshole cop pepper spraying bikers who are doing absolutely nothing wrong

If you're frothing at the mouth about my taking this moment to celebrate firefighters, and point out the facts about cops, go away. I never invited you, didn't ask you to comment, and you don't know me.  If you can't handle my sticking up for us ordinary people, and voicing my protest on my site? Adios. 

2 years ago, a cop in Georgia was doing 90 in a 55, and killed two teenage girls.

I had no intent to waste my time writing out a rant, but, hey, screw it, some readers are in denial and hero worship all police, and ignore the fact that many are complete assholes who bully people, and are too lazy to be professional, and do anything useful for the area they are paid to enforce laws in. 

Also, far too many of you can't recall the many times I've posted a special salute for the incredible cops that are awesome. Yup, I've got a 100 examples of police being utterly despicable, and most readers just lose their minds that I point it out, and have zero concern about telling the truth, reporting the news, and leaving opinions out of it. 

So, without listing all the examples of bad cops, killing people, planting evidence and guns on the dead, doing cavity searches on the roadside, without gloves, on women, having sex with underage interns, (that's statutory rape, just a reminder LAPD), drunk driving, killing their K9's by leaning them in roasting cop cars, etc etc ad nauseum - it's all facts, from multiple sources, all news outlets.... here are the examples of good cops that I have posted too... and some readers have forgotten all about. 

If there were more examples of awesome cops, I'd post them too. But, in 30000 posts, 11 years, NO ONE HAS EVER SENT ME ONE. I've found them myself, like most everything else I've posted. 

For being the cop to find the most stolen cars

paint ball innovation for better policing

stolen car ring busted

cops bust a group stealing vans and music equipment

brought a homeless mother of 4 lunch, tried to help

Gave a guy a bicycle because they learned he walks to work 5 miles a day 

Cops being proactive about cars getting stolen near the beach

cops getting smart and proactive about busting people on phones

busting cell phone users

cop get a kiddo a I pad... kiddo was working a lemonade stand, but had to give mom the cash for gas. 

and all of you have forgotten that I used to do "hero of the day" 
he sang "twinkle twinkle little star" to the kid whose dad had just died in the SUV rollover
Stopped to help with a flat tire
stopped to share lunch with a homeless guy
helped kids fix their bike tire
helping a wheelchair bound guy across a road.

and my professional favorite - Maine State Trooper Stephan Murray. The only great cop I've ever admired for his professionalism

That's all I have time for, you can find the rest if you want to, they are all in the archives. Not that anyone remembers.

So, if you're all aggravated that I speak my mind? Deride cops for being assholes when I post evidence of it? Piss off.

 I speak my mind when cops are cool too, but, you're too damn busy to even notice, remember, or keep in mind that I'm equal opportunity, and NO ONE gets left behind. Ohana.

PS, if you're all offended, and think, ah, he's got it out of his system. Nope. Go away now, it's never going to end so long as police do stupid illegal shit that pisses me off. You're just going to get offended over and over.

On the other hand, if you aren't some snowflake, delicate little pansy, and can ride out the storm, stick around, I'm also going to post a lot of cool shit too, and when I come across awesome cops, I'm going to salute them to. But that doesn't come up in the news much, and that's not my fault, I do what I can to share my admiration of EVERYTHING. If they aren't the professionals they should be, that's something I can't do anything about, take it up with them. I was professional, so were most of the guys I served with, and it's simply just something I did, like many other things. It's in the past, and forgotten.

Once again, no one was invited to be a reader, I've never advertised to get more readers, and frankly, no one is going to matter to me if they stop reading along. There has only ever been a handful of people who ever reached out to me in the 11 years, and half billion visits to this blog of mine, and no one else said as much as "boo", not a "peep" out of any of the rest of you, like 77MGB who never had a thing to say until he got pissed off today. Oh effing well. You must not know me, obviously.

You're not my parents, or a girlfriend, I don't have kids, and unless you've went out of your way to reach out to me and be my friend, why does it matter what you're offended about on my blog? Nothing was put here for YOU. As Eddie Murpy's dad said "this is my house, if you don't like it, get the F*&k out"

If you're amused and entertained, great! Job completed. If you're not, well, let me find your money and refund it. Oh... yeah, that's right.... you never subscribed, bought a annual membership, etc. Get it? Enjoy this, or don't, but expecting me to care that you're offended when I'm just relaying facts, and truth? Nah, not going to happen. I'm like Dennis Leary, an asshole to some, comedian to others. What the hell do offended people think this blog is anyway? You know what I mean?


  1. I know both fireman and police officers and I don't agree with your opinion. I have enjoyed your site and all of the hard work you do for many years but I will be one of the people who piss off. I will always support law enforcement. I can always find another car site. Goodbye.

    1. I repeat, not an opinion. Fact. If you don't recognize the truth, so long, goodbye, adios. Cops shoot people, firemen don't. Firemen save lives,pets, and homes. Just where did you lose focus on reading comprehension? Did you quit taking your meds? I support law enforcement, but, only those two words, law... enforcement. Maybe you missed the 100 factual photographed and recorded examples I've posted of cops being abusive, assualting, or murderous. You already forgot the cops spraying pepper spray at passing motorcycle riders who were out for a ride? Or the cop that hit the biker at a stop light, got out, then kicked the biker in the face breaking his jaw? That is what you think of as law enforcement? You need help, either with english, with glasses, or a dictionary so you can learn what the words mean to the rest of the English speaking world

    2. I believe if you peeled back the layers of the onion you'd find someone who had a bad personal experience with law enforcement....which may have been deserved.

    3. I was law enforcement, and that's not onion related. 3 years, on the road, on dispatch, etc. Since you're simply uninformed, and have forgotten, or never read what I've written, I'll repeat myself, though it's likely to fall on willfully deaf ears.... cops that aren't doing their job, are abusing people, are not professionally keeping to procedure and policy and their oath of office piss me off because as you possibly stretch your mind to find something relative in your own profession - bad cops give them all a bad reputation. In your profession - whatever that was, maybe you had no pride in it. Maybe no one was so awful at it that your profession was ridiculed, and rightly so, as having no ability to police itself, and became the source of ridicule in conversations that applied to the job.
      Try and open your brain to the facts. I already wrote them, but shit, why not waste my time and do it again in the chance that this time it'll stick between your ears, and you could possibly learn from it.

      Cops shoot people, firemen don't. Firemen save lives,pets, and homes.

      a Michigan State Police trooper, Mark Bessner, spotted a teen driving his ATV in the Detroit street, which is illegal, and ordered him to pull over.

      The kid didn't, and the trooper gave chase, deployed his Taser at the teen who was riding and still controlling the moving atv, and struck the teenager, which caused him to drive over a curb and into the back of a pickup truck. The teen died shortly afterward at a hospital.

      The cop? Has immunity for that manslaughter, and won't be charged, and won't go to jail for killing that teen. Some family has to deal with the loss of a son, a bother, a nephew.

      I think if that true incident from last month doesn't make any impact, you're the person with the problem. And you are the one who deserves psychiatry to deal with denial of facts, reality, and truth you can't handle.


  2. I'll be pissing off.

    1. Good riddance, then. Jesse made a fair point, but you were probably to pissed off to care about his arguments.

  3. You have this wonderful motoring blog, for all motorheads to share and enjoy. It's your blog, it's your right. I get that. But please don't fill it with hate. If we want politics and hate, we have tens of thousands of places to go.

    This is my daily escape from the world around us, and I'm sure it's the same for others. Please don't bring hate in here. Keep it full of love for motoring.

    1. I've just revisited the post, added a lot, and have no idea what you think of it now. Give it a look, then, if you'd like, we can have a conversation.

    2. Also, ummm, I don't think that there are any politics in the 11 years and 30,000 posts I've done. But you might mean something other than what I understand to mean "politics" since I don't mention congress, governors, state reps, democrats, republicans, or the pres unless it's about the trains, limos, and personal cars that various POTUS have used.

  4. Truth be told Jesse, you have a real distaste for cops in general. You're always carping about them. You must realize, I'm sure that there are good men out there in blue as well as good men in red trucks. Their job is to serve and protect, and you know damn well you'd be one of the first pissing yourself if some right-wing whack job starts shooting up the neighborhood. You're gonna want a SWAT team to show up and take out the garbage. Like BooDog said above, don't bring hate in here.

    1. You are a moron. I have nothing about cops in general except a hope that they'll just do their jobs. Like firemen. Like nurses. Just do the job, professionally, and then go home at the end of the shift. I'm only ever "carping" - carping, really? Use a normal word. I'm only bitching about the corrupt ones, why the fuck aren't you? As for what I bring? If you don't like it, gtfo. This is my website. I'll do whatever I like here. It's not your playground, this isn't your coloring book. It's mine. You don't get to order me around nimrod. I'll post what and when as I choose. So, simply, piss off.

  5. Good Is good,bad is bad. Facts are facts. I've seen you post about good cops alongside bad cops that bring it on themselves. If some of these guys get wound up about it they can just skip reading that post, seems simple enough to me. 10/23/83

    1. Thanks for the reminder, I had it on my calendar to post about Beiruit again... and missed it yesterday. I don't think anyone will mind if I'm a day late.

  6. Yep, my neighbor is a LEO, traffic cop decent guy, also have a relative ( in the St Louis area) who once bragged about how he would pick a homeless black man to hassle, beat up and arrest for the fun of it.

  7. I firmly believe that some cops feel that you are guilty until proven innocent. Lots of them try to get you to give up your constitutional rights. When I was in the USAF, I always said, 'Give a man a badge and a gun, and he thinks he's god.'

    There are good cops too, but like you said, you don't hear about it much in the news media. There are a shit ton of crazies out there too, so I don't see law enforcement going away, I just wish all of them would just do their job with the way they are supposed to.

    1. I do to. I have nothing to complain about when discussing any professional and respectable cops. You simply have to wonder why they tolerate bad cops bringing disrepute to the profession

  8. Seems to me you have a personal boner for cops. perhaps you felt you shouldn't have got that speeding ticket long ago because you were "expressing" your freedom. Whatever. You can cite all the instances of bad cops, they do exist. I just pray you never need one, cause I'm sure you will NEVER call one of those hatefull, murderous, jackbooted thugs you rail about. House gets broken into, suck it up buttercup.
    BTW, I wont be pissing off, I will continue to read the interesting posts while chuckling at your deep seated hate of all things law enforcement.

    1. Seems you didn't read what I wrote, and maybe you need glasses. Maybe you need a clue. I explained, I clarified, and I extrapolated. Yet you still ignored it all. I didn't get a speeding ticket. Nope. I didn't get arrested either. Nor did I get shanghied, hooskowed, or whatever other imaginary situation you come up with to make some connection while ignoring what I'm telling you. I was a cop, and the daily examples of corrupt cops, bad cops, murdering and getting away with it cops, that beat up old ladies on the side of the road, or sexually assault and rape women in the cop car, and all the rest of the real news examples that show up in the news every day, every where, all year long, piss me off because those assholes have not just sworn an oath to be the good guy, that enforces laws and protect (not preys on) the weak, but their co-workers never weed out the bad cops. So - just where are the hero cops you and others get foaming at the mouth to defend? Because they aren't doing their job when they look the other way at the illegal actions of their co-workers. Cops have the responsibility to "serve and protect" because they VOLUNTEERED to do that, even from other cops.
      I posted the few examples of awesome cops doing great stuff. And when I learn of others, I'll do it again. But when cops are found to have committed crimes, I'm going to post that too, and you can choke on it.

    2. the fact that you had to agree and acknowledge that bad cops "do exist" has me wondering why you give them a pass. Because they haven't assualted your mom, your sister? What about when it's your daughter getting a roadside cavity search by some aggressive cop who isn't using hospital gloves, lube, the law, or any iota of common sense? Here is trooper Kelly Helleson who makes no attempt to hide her illegal cavity search, she told Farrell that she's going to use his camera to record it.

      She then walked Angel Dobbs into full view of the dashcam in his cruiser. As the video shows, Helleson first feels the elder Dobbs' right breast, then reaches into her underwear, searching her anus and then her vagina.

      Her niece is then subjected to the same search. Helleson didn't even change gloves in between searching the two women. and

      Explain to your family why they should "suck it up buttercup" if it happens to them.

      And get back to taking your meds. You need them

  9. I think for my part Jesse I can give you an example of a good deed a NYS trooper did for me. It was November '99 and I was with my then girl friend in Sayre PA. I was at a gas station with my old Dodge truck when I got stick on a little patch of ice. I gunned the motor to get off it, which I did, but in the process spun a baring in it. Uh-oh, that doesn't sound good.

    I got in the highway 17E to get back to New York. I crossed the PA/NY border line and that was it. The motor seized. Done! Kaputsky! We stepped out of my truck with the flashers on wondering what we were going to do. Remember, NO CELL PHONE! Well sir not three minutes later a New York State Trooper pulled in behind me and asked what happened. I explained and said I didn't have any money to get help. He asked where I lived and then said, "You two get in, I'll take you there." and he took us right to my home, and dropped us off.

    Mind you, he didn't have to. He could have wrote me a ticket even, but his compassionate side shown through. I never got his name, but I never forgot that either. I believe everyday police officers do things like this, but no one ever reports them. We just see what the bad ones do. And that I think my friend is the truth of it.

    Jesse, I always appreciate what you do here at Just a Car Guy. I truly enjoy this blog. Keep up the great work sir.

    1. Great experience you had with a cool cop. It's a fact, they don't get publicity or credit for the good stuff, and I think I made my point that I post the good examples, even had a hero of the day post series (which disappeared after the two examples I had, one cop, one fire fighter). If more of these good examples were out there, that would be a big plus for the general image of cops.

    2. and it sure was hairy before cell phones, when all we could do was walk it off until a good samaritan came along or we finally arrived where we could convince someone to let us use a phone to call friends or family for help.

    3. Indeed my friend. In deed!

  10. I'd say keep doing what you do, you do it well.
    I came to Texas from England, where most of our cops aren't armed, so I never risked getting shot for some random reason.
    But I've seen the bad side of cops there too, and the good. And I've seen the courts turn a blind eye to blatant lies.
    My local neighborhood here, I've no complaints about the cops.
    But then I'm of the demographic that tends to have fewer negative interactions.
    I tell my teenager, though, that if he ever gets pulled over, give them no excuse, keep your hands in view, say yes sir and no sir, don't say anything negative. And it's wrong, so wrong. He should be able to disagree, but hey. I don't want the kid to become another statistic.