Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Police arrested 130 people involved in a theft ring that involved stealing vans and trailers filled with expensive music gear from touring musicians. 2 million dollars worth,

According to the Houston PD, the theft ring specifically targeted big ticket items and frequented areas like concert venues where they could quickly steal large quantities of goods. In one instance, a business lost their entire inventory of motorcycles overnight.

“These thieves were stealing anything and everything they could put their hands on. They went after trailers they saw parked on the streets of Greater Houston.” Lt. Mike Osina of the Houston Police Department said.

“And to date the amount of property recovered is estimated to be upwards of $2 million dollars. In the course of this past year, this collaborative effort, through cooperation and communication, flexibility and a focused work ethic has led to the dismantling of this criminal enterprise.” Captain Edwards of the Houston PD said.

Surprisingly, police say that the gear was not sold through pawn shops but rather by word of mouth and through the transfer of some of the goods to Mexico.


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