Tuesday, June 27, 2017

JFC, I just posted a warning to all of you to not let drunk women take an UBER home alone. Ain't anyone paying attention?

Yesterday's news from LA, 24 year old young woman drunk off her ass gets an UBER ride to Hollywood, but passes out in the car on the way.

The male driver stops at a hotel and rapes her.

He has 5 felony convictions for narcotics possession and narcotics sale. UBER doesn't screen for felonies.

She wakes up the next morning not knowing where the hell she is, but knowing what happened


So take a moment, prevent this from happening again. Even if you ain't related.... make sure they get home safe.

Posting because I care and wish you and your family the best lives possible, which means looking out for each other, and keeping an eye out for trouble we can prevent

only 3 weeks ago I posted http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2017/06/male-taxi-drivers-feeling-sting-of.html


  1. And a warning to women to maybe not get drunk ?

    someone show me one example of someone getting drunk and it ending well.

    things you will never hear:
    "My life got so much better since I started drinking and getting falling down drunk all the time"

    1. you... C'mon Dan. You think every damn story they hear about another woman getting raped ain't enough warning? I do. I can't find any thought in my head that says a woman needs to hear my stupid ass warn her not to get raped. So... instead, I'm focusing on asking guys to look out for drunk people, stupid people, potential victims, and try and be the hero of the day. It's a thing I do. Crazy, right? On my website I've made, I do a tiny little thing about making this world a tiny bit better, in between car crashes, motorcycle jumps, and Swift's wrecked trucks. As for drunk happy endings, you were never in the Navy huh? I was. I got lots of stories. They just don't belong here on a car site