Thursday, June 29, 2017

of the 678 1970 GSX's made, only one fell into the hands of a dumbass that converted it to Skylark specs, by switching to a bench seat, automatic, and plain blue paint. It's been restored to glory though, incredible as it seems when looking at the before and after photos

In 2008, when plans were being made for a GSX reunion in Ohio, the rumor got out of a four-speed GSX for sale in Louisiana.

 “The story was that it was a Saturn Yellow Stage 1 four-speed car with A/C,” Tim recalls. “The car had been sitting for years, and the owner had hoped to restore it. A woman had owned it before him in the 1980s. She painted it blue, had an automatic transmission put in with a column shift, and a bench seat.”

On New Year’s Day 2009, Tim and his brother Rich went to Louisiana to see the car. “What we found was a beat-up old Buick,” he recalls. “The car had the usual rust, the trunk was full of junk, and it had dents and primer spots all over. I think my brother said it best: ‘If this was a Skylark, it would be worth 500 bucks.’”

It didn’t look like a GSX, which may be why it hadn’t been snapped up before. But Tim got verification from the GSX Historical Society that the car was indeed a Stage 1 four-speed “with A/C, tilt wheel, and tinted glass.”

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