Friday, June 30, 2017

a real JC holy shit death wobble. That's why you never ride without a leather jacket, learn from this guy who was too cool to be safe.

June 26th, this biker merged onto the I-80E (Sacramento, CA)
As he merged, his bike would shake and wobble. He sometimes would only have one hand on the handle bars while it was shaking!!

It would only do it once he hit high speeds.

The woman with the camera phone paced him for 5-10 miles after watching him "almost" loose control (about 5 or 6 times), thinking "its only a matter of time before he crashes" and I wanted the video as evidence in case anyone else got hurt.

Sure enough the very moment she got her phone out, happens to be a moment before he lost control.

He did walk over to the right shoulder by himself. His face was really mashed up (his nose looked broken) and arms covered in blood.


  1. Probably had loose or broken spokes.That will make a bike do that.

    1. wow, I did not even think of that.... makes sense. Maybe the rear hub bearing or the front axle got loose is a possible theory?